My Amnesia Girl: A Movie Review

Why did I want to do a movie review on My Amnesia Girl? This is the only Tagalog film I took the initiative to purposely watch at the cinemas. Simply put, I watched it out of my own doing. I wasn’t given free passes, I wasn’t forced to watch it by someone else, and I didn’t watch just because I was bored. Why am I sharing this? Because I don’t watch Filipino films, especially if I have to shell out money. I wanted to watch My Amnesia Girl for the simple reason of seeing Toni Gonzaga’s kissing scenes with John Lloyd. Everyone was making a big deal how this movie is Toni’s “most daring” film. Shallow, right?

Call me a b!tch for not loving my own but Filipino films, unless independently produced, are very predictable, shallow, and unoriginal. I graduated from the College of Mass Communication so I know very well what makes quality films and television shows. Anyway, moving on, let’s find out what makes My Amnesia Girl special.

If I’m not mistaken, this Star Cinema-produced film is the first team up of John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga. While both have successful films under their names, it’s a risk to put them together in a film without knowing how much their chemistry is. It may be a bit early but I think the JLC-Toni loveteam is already a hit.

My Amnesia Girl is, by my opinion, an original film by Star Cinema. I went inside the moviehouse not knowing what the film is about and I wasn’t disappointed. The title itself is intriguing, kind of reminded me of My Sassy Girl, except with a totally different story. The story revolves around JLC and how is looking for the right girl. Being too picky, friends helped him remember a few of his girlfriends from the past. Then there was Irene played by Toni Gonzaga. Everything was perfect, a love story bound for the altar. But JLC’s character Apollo left her at the altar. Two years later, they accidentally saw each other at the supermarket. Apollo approached Irene and, shocked as she was, told him she is suffering from amnesia and apologized if she could not recognize him. That’s where everything starts. The way Apollo tried to right his wrong and win Toni’s heart (he got exhausted being Irene’s go-to-guy during a photoshoot) was heart-breaking – until you realized it was his fault in the first place so you would be easily torn whether to forgive and pity this dude or not for what Irene was putting him through.

The music is great, I just love Nicole Hyala’s Mahal Kita Kasi. From her tweets though, it seems that Star Cinema never asked for her permission to use it in the movie. With the corny but funny pick-up lines (“Para kang tae, d kayang paglaruan”), I find the movie really entertaining and heartbreaking. There’s a hint of unpredictability because you don’t know whether JLC will ever admit he’s that guy who broke her heart or if she’ll even admit she’s *SPOILER ALERT* not really suffering from amnesia, or if they could ever fall in love with each other again after everything that happened.

Toni is great with comedy and so is Lloydie. While Toni looks slightly awkward when she cries, I felt for her. For a moment, I could feel her pain. Her tears were so real that it made you feel it happened to you too. And Lloydie, his words just transcend the screen. You think he’s addressing you but he’s not. Toni’s bubbly character and JLC’s boy-next-door personality is the perfect formula to make this movie work. Everything from the script, to the plot, and to the characters is solid. My Amnesia Girl, in summary, teaches you to love, get hurt, learn forgiveness, and find that second chance in love – and when you do, don’t let it go, because it truly is amazing how in this big world, you are meant to have that one person who will love you deeply and unconditionally. So was it worth my money? Definitely.


3 thoughts on “My Amnesia Girl: A Movie Review

  1. Hi! I already saw you review regarding this movie. And it made me feel more excited when i heard from a friend that this movie will be shown here. Unfortunately, i was too busy during that time and i wasn’t able to catch it in the big screen. But last night, I saw the movie through a friend who gave me link where i can watch this film. No regrets of staying late until 2:30 in the morning just to finished this movie. I can’t even sleep after i watched this movie, i’m still smiling with the “korni” pick-up lines. Hahaha!

  2. lala, fernie and me here. with this review of yours, mas lalo akong naintriga sa my amnesia girl. i hafta watch it! woohoo! thanks dearie!

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