My 2010 in a Nutshell

The year 2010 is drawing to a close. Just as everyone starts to do their wishlists for the holidays, I want to make a checklist of the major events that happened to me this year. It will help determine if my 2010 has been a good or bad year, all in all. First, let’s list down everything I gained this year.

1. A happy one-year anniversary for me and my girlfriend – April 7, 2010 in Batangas
2. Gadgets – Blackberry 9700, Sony DSC-H20 Digicam, Sony Playstation 3, Shiba upgraded to 2gb, Sony Headphones from KL, and a couple of cheap phones
3. 2 major excavations – San Juan, Batangas and Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
4. Friends from all over the world – Cambodia, USA, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam/Belgium
5. 4 countries visited in a month – Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia
6. High grades in all classes this semester – 1.25 for Archaeo 202, 1.00 for Archaeo 220, 1.25 for Archaeo 207, and 1.75 for Archaeo 206
7. Course completion – Archaeo 206 and 207
8. 2 Binalot Talks presentation – Archaeo 207 and Greater Angkor Project
9. Volunteer instead of a field schooler for Batangas excavation
10. Bruno – a half-Pomeranian/half-Japanese Spitz puppy
11. Baguio, SG, & KL vacations with Love
12. 9th Katipunan Arkeologist ng Pilipinas (KAPI) Conference organizer
13. Weight – lots of it

Now, let’s see what I’ve lost so far:
1. Hershey – my German Shepherd who died June 7th
2. Tatay – my lolo who died July 10th (as soon as I left Ho Chi Minh)
3. Money – lots of it!
4. Scholarship to France
5. Theo & Dora’s hamster pups – 2x she gave birth, not one survived. Yet.
6. Physically hit someone – definitely not my proudest moment
7. Approval of my girlfriend’s family

It’s funny how I gained a lot weight AND lost a lot of money at the same time. Goes to show where most of my money went. Lol.

So far I couldn’t think of anything else, and so far, I think 2010 is one of my best years. In spite of being my very expensive year to date, every single cent was worth it. I may have lost a few but I know there are reasons why it happened. I understand that I can never have everything but at least I’m trying to achieve those that I can. Next stop: resolutions for next year. I know what would top it though: SAVE!!!

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