11.11.11: My Original Speech for the Bride (With a Little Variation)

It’s been a few days now but I’m pretty sure that many of the guests during the Canlas-Salazar wedding still can’t get over the event – and one of those guests is me. I gave a toast to the bride, who is my best friend in the whole wide world, but I wasn’t able to read what I originally wrote because I was so embarrassed with the paper I wrote it in. Good thing I knew it by heart (I’ve been thinking of what to say for months now) but I also knew that there were a few hits and misses because I also blanked out while delivering my toast. I didn’t want to cry so I promised to make my speech light. See, I already cried the last time we really talked about her wedding, even if it was just via SMS (and Love can attest to this as she was there to witness it but that’s an entirely different story). Hindi kasi uso ang drama sa aming dalawa and we seldom talk about serious things when we are together so I wanted to make my toast as light (and maybe a little funny) as possible.

I didn’t give Tracy a gift but I told her that I will give her a copy of what I originally wanted to say. Here’s the first draft of what I gave her:

Chie is one of my oldest friends. I’ve literally known her half my life – 13 years to be exact. From being merely seatmates, who would’ve thought we’d go this far? I wasn’t blessed with any sister so I consider her as my sister from another mother. Pili ka na lang Chie kung si Tita Irene or is Madir. They’re not much different anyway, kaya siguro magkasundo rin tayo. Hehe.

It’s rare in life that you’ll find a friend na magkatinginan lang kayo, magtatawanan na kayo. Or makarinig lang kayo ng kanta, you’ll both break out dancing. With Chie and I, it’s like that. So Chie, you’re very lucky to have me as a friend.

I have a lot of fond memories with Chie. It just gets crazier with time. It’s hard to pick the best but one of our best memories would be the yearly celebration of her birthday. Lagi kasing maraming pagkain. There was one time that she left us freezing on their rooftop, which we call Tagaytay because it’s just freezing cold up there, dahil nakatulog na siya sa sofa nila sa sobrang pagod. Buti na lang, as always, masarap ang pagkain namin paggising.

When she asked me to be her Maid of Honor, sabi ko talaga sa sarili ko, “Gosh, moment ko na rin to,” kasi nga I see her as an extension of myself and vice versa. So sabi ko talaga, dapat maganda and sexy rin ako today kasi feeling ko magrereflect kung anuman ang itsura at kilos ko this day sa kanya. I’m just not sure if na-achieve ko. Anyway, yesterday, I realized that today isn’t just my moment, it’s our moment sa tropa dahil ikaw ang unang ikakasal.

Chie, I know that this is your day and I’m happy that you got your dream wedding. I know that we never actually talked about this stuff but I can really see that you’re happy. Thank you for keeping me grounded. If you all don’t know, she is one of the reasons why I’m on the right path. She’ll always be, like, “Lala!” everytime I tell her of my kalokohan. So deep down inside, underneath all this craziness of hers, she really has a good heart.

To the two of you, congratulations. I feel like such a bad friend kasi d ako masyadong third wheel sa inyo, as is normal sa atin, but I know that you’re happy. Sabi ko naman sayo when you shared the news that Ron proposed, I felt it nung birthday mo last year. O diba, sisters from another mother talaga tayo? To Ron, I know that we actually didn’t have the time to bond talaga but I hope that this is the start. I also know that I don’t have to say this because I know you’re doing it na but I think it’s my job as the maid of honor to do so I’ll say it anyway, please take care of our Tracy.

Again, congratulations Tracy and Ron. Please don’t turn into those couples who become boring after getting married. I’m happy that you guys found each other. You’re a team now. Thank you for making us believe that true love exists and that it can last forever.

More or less, my toast went something like that. I know that my moment is over but again, hindi pa rin ako makamove on sa fact that my best friend is already married. One thing that’s made me proud is that she did it at the right way – she did not marry out of convenience or necessity. She married out of love and that is something rare at her age, okay, our age.

So here’s an extension of my message to the bride:

Chie,I know that in the past year or so, we never really got to hang out as much as used to with our busy schedules and all but I want you to know that I’m just, as I remember saying during the toast, a province or two away. Ngayon pa lang ako naiiyak but I’d like to think of it as not losing my best friend, but rather gaining another one in Ron. Thank you for being a part of my life, for keeping me grounded, and for always, always, knocking some sense into my head. Hindi mo lang alam but your opinion really matters. With all my craziness, you never left my side. We’ve had our ups and downs, mostly ups dahil nga hindi uso sa atin ang drama, but the challenges that our friendship made along the way only defined who we are to each other. Thank you for accepting who I really am, kahit na alam kong hindi madali sayo nung una. Alam kong may 2 days tayong d nag-usap nun when I told you that I’ve turned to the other side. Looking back, that was really funny. Hahaha.

But anyway, I’m very proud of what you’ve become and what you’ve accomplished. Thank you sa family mo who always treats us with the best hospitality Coloong can give but most of all, thank you for the friendship. I will miss hanging out with you but don’t think that just because you’re married ay titigil na rin ang pagcrash namin sa bahay mo. Medyo malayo lang nga ngayon dahil sa Pampanga ka na, pero pag gusto, may paraan – lalo na kung may pagkaing dadatnan (o diba, it rhymes?).

To Ron, thank you for being the man who made Tracy’s dreams come true – for giving her what she really deserves. Aside from Love, she is one of the few and most loyal and faithful partners I know. I am looking forward to knowing you more and I hope that we will get to hang out in the future – you, Tracy, me, and the rest of the Tropa.

In behalf of Tropang Plan B, congratulations and we love you both. 🙂



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