The Kylie Minogue Experience

Here’s another throwback post from four years ago. I was only able to finish one paragraph so I definitely needed to rack my brains on this one. It’s about Kylie Minogue though. I didn’t need to work as hard because she is my Aphrodite after all. I remember it as if it only happened yesterday.

It’s been four months since a life-changing experience happened to me. Yup, I’m talking about the Aphrodite Les Folies concert that happened last July. I heard it from a good friend of mine when he told me that Tim Yap announced a concert where Kylie Minogue tickets will be won. See, I was never good at contests. I rarely join contests because I don’t really win. So early on, I decided to just allot an entire month’s salary to buy VIP tickets. I maxed out my credit card when I paid for my tickets at SM North EDSA, but before that, I made sure I’d be given the best seat available for non-VIPs.

I’ve half a mind to have this laminated, but so far, it’s still preserved quite nicely.

The teller said that this was¬†the first row for paying customers, and it¬†was¬†the 10th row from the stage. That wasn’t so bad, so I stopped asking questions, left, and proceeded to shop for a dress.

Yes, I was going full out on this one. I wanted to go to a salon and have my hair and make up done, but that’s too much knowing that was going to commute from Valenzuela to Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City. I did not want to be on full make-up riding the bus or FX along with other passengers.

Back then, I wasn’t much of a dress kind of girl, until now, actually. It took me a while to find the perfect dress because I was looking for a Greek-inspired asymmetrical dress, you know, to look exactly like Aphrodite. I was obsessed. Instead, I settled on a floral dress that I knew I could wear over and over again (which I did, by the way. I can’t remember how many times I’ve worn this one. It seemed to be a favourite).

As for my hair and make-up, I found this cute hairstyle by Rachel McAdams and maybe I’ve asked some of salons how much it would cost to have it done. (Side note: I had a huge crush on Rachel McAdams then. Actually, I still do). It was kind of expensive for a simple hairstyle, so I harassed my mom to do it for me. I’m sure she’s missed the days when she used to fix my hair. I settled for this hairstyle:

This hairstyle perfectly suit my dress. It’s simple but cute and elegant.

My make-up was simple too. I didn’t know how to do eyebrows and eyeliner back then, and I didn’t want to worry about mascara, eyeliner, and everything else smearing while I was partying like a mad woman.¬†In the end, this was how I looked.

I think my mom did a good job!
At 26, I still don’t know how to post nicely for the camera.

When I left for the concert, I just had a clutch with my phone and cash. I did not even dare bring a digicam for fear that I might not get in. I arrived so early, and I was seated with so many gays, it felt like home. The one seated next to me also watched alone because it was midterms week, and none of his friends wanted to ditch the exams for the concert. Obviously, my seat mate made the right choice.

Prior to the concert, some of the production crew members were going around, interviewing people who wanted to send a message to Kylie. I wasn’t sure I was going to be asked so I just volunteered. Hey, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, okay? I’m somewhere in the 2:25 minute.

Kylie Minogue finally appeared¬†on stage. She was truly Aphrodite personified. She was so beautiful that her beauty transcends this world. It was ethereal. She was also goofy, and she interacted with the audience, two reasons why I love her even more. Someone brought her flowers on stage. I was envious. I was standing the whole time, partying like crazy with my feet hurting like hell because I’m not used to wearing high heels.I was¬†also pissed that the people in front of me weren’t even moving. They absolutely did not deserve the tickets they had. I bet they were sponsored, and yes, I’m still bitter.

Watching her perform live made me realise that dreams really do come true if you make it happen. I was teary eyed watching because I never thought I would see her in person. I’ve admired her since I was in college, maybe even earlier, and I distinctly remember telling everyone I know that I will watch her concert here in Manila, even if it costs P20,000 – and I did.

Because I didn’t have a decent camera with me, I only took crappy photos, which I dare not post. For the first time, I watched a concert without recording anything digitally. No photos. No videos. ¬†I realised that it’s actually better that way because it was an experience that will forever be etched in my memory. I was able to focus on every second of the concert. It¬†was something I did not want to share with anyone.

I’m still waiting for her to come back anywhere in Southeast Asia. If she does perform again, maybe in Singapore, Taiwan, or Hongkong, I will spend money to visit any of those countries to see her again.

I’m posting some photos here that I found online. I think some of them are from Globe because, if I’m not mistaken, they sponsored the event. Credits to all the owners. None of these are mine.





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